What is Volo Airsport

Volo Airsport is for those who fly like birds whenever they close their eyes.

Take to the skies and fly past mountains in a wingsuit. Try to hug the cliffs at over 250 km/h or cruise at high altitudes and admire the scenery.

Your body and gear are fully physically simulated. You fly by controlling your character's muscles directly, which changes your pose, which interacts with the air around you. You can see, hear, and feel every gust of wind as you pass it.

Latest release: v3.3 'New Wings'

Released on 4 December 2014

  • Improved flight model
  • Trajectory visualizer
  • Heads Up Display
  • New wind zones
  • Performance improvements
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  • Supported operating systems
  • Oculus VR


Buy Volo Airsport directly from us and support its development!
Before buying please check the system requirements and early access info.

You'll get a Steam key when you buy through our site.



Technical Information

System Requirements

Volo Airsport is available on Windows and Mac OS X. (Linux coming soon!)

Minimum System Requirements

  • Dual Core CPU 2.6Ghz
  • 4GB RAM
  • 500MB Free Disk Space
  • Dedicated Graphics Card (GeForce 650GT or equivalent)
  • Broadband Internet Connection (to download updates)

A dedicated graphics card is definitely recommended

Windows and Mac computers with Intel Integrated Graphics chips: HD4000 minimum, any lower results in very low framerates.

These requirements are not set in stone. As we refine the game less powerful systems might become able to run the game. But right now a less powerful than listed above might not play the game properly.

Supported Controllers

You can play the game with mouse and/or keyboard, but we find the game plays best with a gamepad. Pads like the Xbox 360 gamepad or Playstation gamepad work best. Joysticks are also a good option from what we hear.

Known Issues

Below are some issues you might want to know about before purchasing.

  • We've got some issues currently to get Oculus to work in Volo Airsport. For this reason the latest version of Volo is not available with Oculus support. To play Volo with Oculus please use the oculus beta branch on Steam.

A complete list of known issues and workarounds can be found on the forums.

Early Access

We've worked very hard to make this version of Volo Airsport a unique, beautiful and thrilling experience, but we're not done yet! With your support we can expand the game, and make it into the best aerial playground you've ever seen.

Volo Airsport can still change significantly over the course of development. If you are not excited to play the game in its current state, then you may want to wait until the game progresses further in development.

Q: What does Early Access mean, and what do I get for my purchase?

A: Get instant access to the game and start playing! You get access to current and future versions of Volo Airsport for a single payment of $13.

The price will increase as the game grows. If you want to get it cheap, go get it now!

Q: What's in it now?
  • A single, finely tuned wingsuit to fly with
  • A huge landscape inspired by the Swiss and French Alps, with lots of lines to try
  • Time trail courses that show you some cool lines to fly on the map.
  • Multiple camera perspectives (including first-person view)
  • Highly configurable graphics and input settings
  • Oculus Rift support (currently experimental)
Q: Where is it going?

A: We don't know exactly what direction the game will take nor do we know how long we can keep on developing. But, we can tell you that we're considering on implementing the following features into the game:

  • Local Multiplayer
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Parachutes and other ways to glide and fly
  • Walking, jumping from exit points
  • Player-designed Skydiving Styles
  • Customizable Gear Design (Aerodynamics & Looks)
  • Player-Created Events and Challenges
  • Replay Editor & Screenshot Mode
  • Lively & Dynamic Environments
  • Mod Support (Levels, Modes)
Q: What is the risk of Early Access?

A: The catch is that if sales don't get the finances we need, we obviously can't keep developing it. If that happens, we cannot refund all purchases, as obviously we have rent to pay, and the money that came in has already been spent.

Q: When is the next version of Volo Airsport coming?

A: We're not making any promises on delivery dates until we’ve done a couple of regular releases in a row, as we still need to find our rhythm. That said, we are roughly aiming for bi-weekly releases.

Keep an eye on the development blog to find out what our most current plans are, and discuss what you'd like to see on the forums!

Frequently asked questions

Got a question that isn’t listed? Ask-me-anything, or send me an email.

About The Game

Q: I donated for the v1 and v2 releases, but I haven't received access to the new releases. What gives?

A: Sorry about that! Send us an email with your paypal invoice and we'll sort it out.

About Development

Q: Are you looking for team members?

A: We certainly are! We can’t pay anyone yet, but if you can contribute and want to help, get in touch! We are especially looking for 3D artists.

Q: Are you still working on The Aurora Wager?

A: We would love to work more on The Aurora Wager, but we have very limited resources (time, people, money) available. Right now we can only focus on one game at a time.

About Monetization

Q: Can I create videos of your games and share them online?

A: Absolutely, we'd love it if you did. Share them with us on the forums!

Q: Can I monetize those videos?

A: Go right ahead! (Full permission details)

About Our Politics

Q: What is your stance on #GamerGate?

Some folks are worried about journalistic integrity and ethics in the game industry, which is worth a discussion. However, #GamerGate is also being used to legitimize a torrent of harassment that is alienating some of gaming's most unique and important voices. The reasoning behind the abuse is based on unsubstantiated claims, and often seems to be predisposed against minorities.

If you're contributing to the harassment of anyone, for whatever reason, know that we are not making games for you. Please change.

The Team


  • Martijn Zandvliet (@m_zandvliet) - Lead Game Designer / Programmer
  • Frank Versnel (@fversnel) - Programmer


  • Michael Manning (@mikmanner) - Sound Designer / Composer
  • Robin Vink (@no_twitter) - Game Designer / 2D-3D Artist (The Aurora Wager)

Our Games

We’re currently working on two games about flying.



Contact us about:

  • PR: preview builds, information, interviews, events
  • Questions about game development
  • Freelance design and programming
  • Anything else! (Well, mostly anything anyway)